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From the special Contemporary Istanbul event held during the Venice Biennale:

Mr Ali Gureli, Chairman: “We are a young, energy-full and ambitious team. The country and the city we live in, push us to this extreme. Turkey has undergone many changes in the last ten years and is doing great. Global capital, global labor and global culture, we believed, are three un-detachable elements. However, the globalization of the culture needs further sensitivities and a closer look. In that sense, we believe in the virtues of the local culture should not to be effaced by the uniform, homogenous global culture. We are extremely keen on our local culture whose basic characteristic is plurality and heterogeneity. In a city stretching above two continents, Europe and Asia, in a country that has become the centre of Balkans, East Europe, Caucasia, North of Africa and  Middle East, a country as a door opening to the Far East,  we believe in the virtue of glocality. Contemporary Turkish art is one of the most exciting chapters in today’s art world. Attaching ourselves to principals in the last seven years, we gathered not only galleries all over the world but also we hosted countries like Gulf Countries, Eastern European Countries and this year Russia. This only shows the unique glocal idiosyncrasy (the character) of Contemporary Istanbul. Contemporary Istanbul is not only an art fair, it is a cultural platform. With CI, Istanbul Biennial, 13th edition and Art Istanbul, week of Art program are coming to Istanbul will experience a dazzling art scene.”

Contemporary Istanbul has also gathered collectors, art professionals, artists, art enthusiasts and press members from Europe via a special event in Basel. The event was organized with the support of Akbank Private Banking and was held on the 12th June at Safran Zunft Restaurant in accordance with the opening of Art Basel.


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